Are you psychic?

Some time in the future the server that hosts this page will be equipped with a hardware random number generator. From that will come some high quality randomness that those who feel they have psychic power can try to either predict or manipulate (I'll include full details of the type and construction of the random number generator for those who feel they need it).

I guess you could start now - try naming the date that this site will have its first random number generator based test! Send me an e-mail at guesses at amipsychic dot net. In the spirit of science I'll not look at the e-mails to that address until the first test is up, and will send any right guessers an e-mail letting them know.

The randomness will appear in the form of simple tests of prediction, for example identifying the next card to be dealt from a virtual deck. From that you'll be able to see whether you have any reason to think that you have a supernatural sense (or at least that such sense works over the 'net).

Some time ago this page hosted geohashing information. That now resides here.

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